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We Are Closed Labor Day Monday

Come see us Saturday or Sunday!

We are honored to announce this award for our efforts at "Connecting You With Biking" everyday!

You helped make this award happen! Thank you to all our biking friends!

We want you to get off your computer and out on your bike.

Carmel Bike Ride. Every Thurs 6:30 pm. Easy, friendly ride. Everyone welcome. 10 miles. 10 mph.

 Carmel Pedals meets at Carmel Cyclery Bicycle Shop.

Cycling Tips from our great mechanics!

How to shift your bicycle and find the right gear.

Rent Bicycles at Carmel Cyclery and take a ride on the Monon Trail.

You can rent bicycles at Carmel Cyclery and hop right on the Monon.

Specialized Transition!

Carmel Cyclery gives bikes to children through Bikes4Kids. Donate your bike here!

I love this bike!

This is my lucky night!

My old bike is too small so this is great!

This is my first bike! Wow!

Patrick adjusts the seat on her new bike.

My first bike!

     Have a gently-used bike taking up space in your garage? Please consider donating at Carmel Cyclery. We will refurbish it and give it to a needy child or adult. Bikes4Kids is a 501c3 non-profit charity run by Pat and Val and loads of fabulous volunteers!

Feature Items

Specialized Myka Step-Through - Women's
Specialized Myka Step-Through - Women's - 2013

Specialized's Myka Step-Through is an excellent all-around mountain bike made just for you. Its lightweight aluminum frame is fun to ride and… [more]

Globe Daily 1 Step-Through - Women's
Globe Daily 1 Step-Through - Women's - 2012

Globe's Daily 1 Step-Through proves that one speed is all you need to commute or just go out and have fun. This beauty features a zippy aluminum… [more]

Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc
Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc - 2014
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (16 Reviews)

Every trail and road is an invitation to adventure when you're riding Specialized's Crosstrail Sport Disc. It eats up both dirt and pavement thanks… [more]

OnGuard Brute STD
OnGuard Brute STD

OnGuard offers one brute of a U-lock with their highest security Brute STD, which is ideal for serious protection in high-risk areas. Its massive… [more]

Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wireless
Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wireless
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Specialized's SpeedZone Sport Wireless provides all the data you need to quantify your rides in a neat, cordless package. Its easy-to-read,… [more]

Schwinn Voyageur 3
Schwinn Voyageur 3 - 2014

Schwinn's Voyageur 3 is a great all-around bike perfect for fun, fitness and transportation. Its light and nimble-handling Schwinn aluminum frame… [more]

Specialized Air Tool HP Floor Pump
Specialized Air Tool HP Floor Pump

Thanks to its smaller-diameter barrel, with Specialized's Air Tool HP Floor Pump it's easier than ever to inflate high-pressure tires. It also… [more]

Specialized Echelon II
Specialized Echelon II
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (3 Reviews)

Specialized's Echelon II is a minimalist road helmet that's as comfortable as it is stylish. You get a perfect fit thanks to Specialized's Headset SL… [more]


 Hours: Mon - Fri 10 - 7, Sat 9 - 5, Sun 12 - 5


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